Lifetime Extension of a Wind Farm - Trade Events



Michal Sobczyk

Senior Trade Manager – Poland and Baltics
Scottish Development International

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Janusz Bil

Director, Energy & Renewables Export
British Embassy in Warsaw

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UK offshore wind market and analysis of end-of-life strategies

Angeliki Spyroudi

Senior Strategy Analyst
ORE Catapult

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Anne Frances Haaese, Petrofac


Innovative Technology for Turbines Today and Tomorrow

Barry McHardy

Ventus Wind Services UK

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Structural health monitoring
Brian Taylor, Pulse Monitoring


Structural challenges and opportunities for WTG foundation life extension and repowering

Alan Marson

Principal Engineer
Empire Engineering

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Closing remarks

Michal Sobczyk

Senior Trade Manager – Poland and Baltics
Scottish Development International

Speaker Profile

The UK’s first demonstration offshore wind farm was installed in December 2000 off the Northumberland coast. It consisted of two 2MW Vestas wind turbines with a rotor diameter of 66m, on monopile foundations in about 10m water, less than 2km from shore. So in practice, wind farms for UK energy generation offshore have only been commercially viable for 30 years. The scale of the farms and the size of turbines have dramatically increased in the last 15 to 20 years. In the mid-2020s, first-generation farms should be entering a decommissioning phase as they reach their originally expected end of life. There are different life extension strategies for offshore wind farms. The operational life of these renewable energy marine structures can be safely extended by employing appropriate technical considerations on the life extension and repowering evaluations. With more than 10 GW already in service, the UK has an enviable track record in the installation and maintenance of offshore wind assets. This is supported by similar but even more mature industries such as the Maritime and Offshore Oil and Gas sectors. During this webinar, we would like to touch on lifetime extension strategies as well as ways to optimize operations of offshore wind farms.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) promotes British businesses worldwide. DIT is an international trade department, responsible for:

  • Bringing together policy, promotion and financial expertise to break down barriers to trade and investment, and help businesses succeed;
  • Promoting British trade and investment across the world;
  • Building the global appetite for British goods and services.

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DIT is looking to attract inward investors into the UK while at the same time making sure that companies in the UK can export their goods to the wider world.

The UK has a very enviable record in the installation of offshore wind. The UK has been driving this market for a number of years now and is the single largest country with the installed base for offshore wind with over 10 GW of installed capacity in UK waters.


UK strengths in clean industries:

  • The UK is the world leader in low carbon and the statement on net zero by 2050  was announced recently. This will act as an accelerant for the transition to low carbon economy.
  • We have made sizeable steps in the decarbonising our electricity – we are world leaders in offshore wind with above 10GW of installed capacity and committed to 40GW by 2030.
  • We have driven the cost reduction in offshore wind as well as in solar – enabling cost competitive renewables across the world.
  • Because of the experience gained from installing large number of wind farms (over 30) we have expertise in operation, maintenance and marine services. The UK has engineering and project management expertise that is essential in the successful delivery of offshore wind farms. 
  • The UK has developed a strong and stable regulatory framework to drive investments in the clean growth sectors.
  • The huge scale of the UK industry has led to a growing and innovating offshore wind supply chain capability across the wind farm life-cycle, from surveys and feasibility, to manufacture and supply, installation, operation and maintenance, and related financial and professional services.

Scottish Development International is Scotland’s trade and foreign direct investment agency.

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