Andrew Gillespie

Programme leader
ACE Aquatec

I lead the FaunaGuard programme, at ACE Aquatec, which is a strategic partnership with Van Oord that makes innovative modular acoustic systems available to marine contractors.

I am responsible for all commercial operations from winning business to fulfilling customer project requirements and defining the development strategy for the FaunaGuard product suite.

Prior to joining ACE Aquatec, I held roles in the healthcare sector, in sports coaching and development and also in schools, in UK and abroad, promoting English as a Foreign Language.

ACE Aquatec

Ace Aquatec partners with world-leading experts in different scientific fields to apply breakthrough technological developments to aquaculture and marine industries.

We were co-founded in 1999 by inventor John Ace Hopkins and investor Annette Pyne-Carter, who saw the potential that technological innovation could have in accelerating the adoption of responsible fish farming practices.

From our head office in Dundee, Scotland, we project manage global R&D projects, manufacturing at two UK factories, and co-ordinate our installers and engineers worldwide.

Ace Aquatec has grown from a family-run business into a global technology supplier whilst retaining a key focus on local partnerships and customised solutions